“…work of ringing authenticity...” The New York Times

Judge's citation of the 2011 PEN New England Award: "Chester Patterson, the narrator of The Chester Chronicles by Kermit Moyer, a wonderfully lyrical novel-in-stories set in the 1950s and 1960s, is the son of an Army officer whose duty requires the family to move every two or three years. Chester’s sexual, racial, political and intellectual awakening as he comes of age in a tumultuous era can be humorous, awkward, abrasive, erotic, or even inspirational, but it is always brilliantly rendered and deliciously ironic; Chester’s attempts at heroics or a bon vivant sophistication almost always fail him, to the reader’s great delight. Chester and his family stay in our heads; the book is a triumph of exact detail, and Moyer is a writer to conjure with."      -by Alan Davis, Fiction Judge